Aresty International

The Mediation Process

Disagreements often result from an inability to communicate needs. I initially approach mediation as facilitation of a conversation, focusing on solutions and compromises that clients can reach on their own once presented with a clear picture of the unique side of each party. The process continues if clients are unable to reach an agreement once presented with an opportunity to communicate further. In these cases, I personally begin to evaluate all sides and make recommendations for solutions. I strive to find solutions that incorporate the goals and needs of each side to the furthest extent possible.

The mediation process is often highly beneficial to both parties. It is less expensive than litigation fees and, more often than not, leads to both parties coming away with what they need, having saved money and hopefully repaired many aspects of a currently broken relationship. If you find yourself in a disagreement that has reached an impasse, mediation is an excellent way to open the channels of communication once again.