Aresty International

Online Mediation


Online mediation works in the same manner as in-person mediation. The only difference is that all parties are able to work together from separate locations, without the burden of travel or issues with schedule coordination.

Mediation online starts with connection to a designated online space provided to you by your mediator. All parties then use web cams and speakers to communicate. All parties are able to see one another and speak in real-time, as if in person.

The session can take place all at once or be broken up into shorter mini-sessions, depending on the time constraints of either client.

As with in-person mediation, clients will have the opportunity to speak with one another and will also have the opportunity to speak privately with their mediator to further communicate needs and position as the process moves along.

Online mediation is an excellent option for those who wish to remain in their individual location, but still wish to pursue mediation. It works for parties who are not able to or prefer not to come together in a physical location.

Jeff Aresty offers several options for online mediation and assures all clients that the same beneficial results can be achieved in an online setting as with a traditional setting.