Aresty International



Jeff Aresty is a mediator, lawyer, and legal technology pioneer.  He is the principal of Aresty International, which provides consulting, mediation and legal services to individuals, corporations, and law firms around the world.  He currently lives in Houston, Texas.

As an attorney, Jeff has represented clients for almost four decades. His work has included facilitating and negotiating international mergers, joint-ventures, and partnerships, advising real estate firms, condo boards, housing associations and private landowners, as well as providing alternative dispute resolution services and innovative collaborative lawyering.

More recently, his work has focused on leveraging technology to resolve client disputes and to create systems for businesses and organizations to facilitate the resolution of their own disputes.

His approach to negotiation and mediation brings with it a nuanced world view, an understanding of all types of people and relationship dynamics, and a strong history in the facilitation and resolution of disagreements, from local issues to long-standing international and cultural divides. This wide range of experience informs his approach to all of his work.

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